5 Sizzling Hot Cult Looks for Summer

Cult fashion is in.  Here is our breakdown for summer’s trendy new look.

1. FLORALS! If you’ve never had the nerve to break into florals, grab some sisters and make a it a fun  group thing. Florals are traditional for a reason – in fact, you could call them one of the FUNDAMENTALS of a summer wardrobe. They’ll have you saying: “Um, yes I’d like some more-men, please!”

2. BOLD HUES! Cast out that doom with some fresh bright colours. No need to hide in a wall, let the world know you’re coming out! Katy Perry has nothing on you, bitch. A nice pantsuit can be VERY forgiving for those winter depression munchies. With this style, you look can like the eastern mystic you know you truly are on the inside. Bonus: all your yoga buddies will be jealous! Ommm …


3. This is the epitome of long hair, don’t care! From Topanga Canyon to Topanga Lawrence, pull out your pinterest, because this look is here to stay. Get this quintessential California girl style effortlessly by skipping shampoo several weeks at a time, or sleep with a pillowcase over your head, we won’t tell!


4. WHITE! Raise your hands for this one, ladies, long white dresses aren’t just for bridal gowns anymore. Control some minds into thinking: “Who’s that girl!” There’s a reason we all get our periods when the moon is full – no one can resist that giant white ho! If you are looking for something fun and flirty that screams “I can commune with the dead whenever I choose!” Pair with gloves to make your special guy want to marry you in a stadium.

5. PEARLS! Elegant. Sophisticated. For centuries pearls have been thought of as a piece of sand that is massaged by the soft tissues of a mollusk. While we may never know if that’s true (sounds pretty far-fetched to us!), what we do know is they can elevate your brand higher than that horse you fell off. (Psst: try shaking things up with a headband – that can also mask any pesky head injuries!)

Pascalle Dugay

Pascalle Dugay lives and worships in Brooklyn.