Kim Jong Un and The Art of Cosplay

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un gives LADYPARTS the 411 on the art of cosplay.

“Meet Rosario Flame”

I met Kim in a Syracuse diner I found on Yelp. He arrived, 30 minutes late, rushing through the door confidently.

Kim was nearly unrecognizable as he wasn’t wearing his usual attire, he dressed down for the occasion in a full Serpent – Wolf costume. “Meet Rosario Flame,” he said.


“I’m a cosplayer, always have been, always will be.”

After Kim ordered what I soon learned to be his “go-to” diner item, (A Black & White milkshake and two side orders of sausage) we got down to business.

He talked about growing up and always striving to be different. He’s been participating in “costume play” since a very young age. (See below) “Cosplaying gave me an opportunity to be myself in a way that is completely not myself,” said Kim in between bites of sausage.

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“It’s really about becoming the best person you can be. Or fox.”

Kim explained growing up in North Korea isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. “Honestly, It can get difficult,” he said. Kim admitted that on nights he wasn’t bowling with Pa, he’d sneak out of his house to attend cosplay conventions.

Corey Feldman

“Daddy’s Little Man”

When I asked Kim about his father, he laughed. At first he refused to talk about his “Pa” but after a few more Black & White milkshakes, I couldn’t get him to shut up about it! Apparently, Big Kim was a difficult man to please. Constantly seeking for his approval, Li’l Kim hid his cosplaying lifestyle from his father for nearly 15 years.

So what happened when he finally came clean? “He was so supportive,” said Kim, “and I was so relieved!”


“I couldn’t run this country without Rosario. “

Now, Kim is busy running the world but his cosplay life “couldn’t be healthier.” He proudly runs the country with his “first Serpent,” Rosario Flame and cosplayers and non-players alike respect and accept his extrahuman counterpart.

“She’s NoKo’s Mascot now!”


Kim refused to comment on the contents of the vat.


REVIEW: Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson

“It’s a solemn anthem written for my late turtle, Stanley”

After the untimely death of Kelly Clarkson’s beautiful turtle Stanley, Clarkson fell into a deep depression, turning to a life of peyote and playing chess with seniors at the park.

It wasn’t until she received a call from an old friend, and American Idol runner-up, Justin Guarini, that shook her to her core, pleading with her to continue making beautiful music.

So Kelly wrote, and recounted the afternoons she spent at home with Stanley, feeding Cheez-its into his snapping mouth, grooming his shell with an electric toothbrush, and watching episodes of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition together.

A song was made.

Kelly Clarkson

A gorgeous heartfelt piece about a girl and her turtle.

Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone”  : C+


REVIEW: Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson

“Since U Been Gone”  has been deemed The Song of The Millennium by many reputable news sources, including SongChart, my brother Frank and Kelly Clarkson herself.

The song tells an interesting story of love through the lens of ultra-feminist Kelly Clarkson. Below is a photo of Kelly before she wrote the song.

So naïve and confused, giving into the pressures of society. The song was clearly a big deal for Clarkson. It tackles the issues of modern romance and Clarkson’s failed relationship with her former friend. So brave of her to come out with such a raw and vulnerable song. Making herself look so weak and pathetic. Get a grip, Kelly.

That said, she became a woman after the release of this single. She can breathe. Just look how much she changed.


What a difference a platinum single makes.

Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone”  : A-

Corey Feldman COVER STORY

Inside Corey Feldman’s Craftsman House

Corey Feldman

Child actor Corey Feldman invited us into his beautiful Los Angeles home

“I don’t know why Mary is here for this, she isn’t my real mother…”

Corey Feldman shares his space with his father and his father’s girlfriend Mary who is a total bitch. Feldman asked us to ask Mary to leave the house during the shoot to which Mary replied that “she has every right to be here”, insisting that Corey is just cranky because he hasn’t had his afternoon apple juice.


Corey Feldman

“I keep a few sleeves of thin mints under my pillow, just in case… expect the unexpected, that’s my mantra…”

Corey has hosted quite a few sleepovers in his spacious “bunker” room. Two bunks for two hunks, Haim frequently spent evenings at Casa Feldman before his untimely death in early 2010.

Corey Feldman

“This is a place where I can just relax and unwind with my dad or some of my gerbils, it’s kind of a man cave, I guess…”

When Corey and his gerbils need to unwind, they play a couple rounds of bowling in Feldman’s multi lane cosmic bowling arena.

Corey Feldman

“A friend of mine is a painter and I commissioned him to paint this beautiful mural of Buddha watching me crank off in the shower…”

Corey knows “cleanliness is next to godliness” and that’s why he takes it literally by spending 25k on a mural that watches him shower.

Corey Feldman

“Confession time, I’m an extreme couponer and here’s a sneak peak into one of my big hauls this week. You can’t go wrong with Cinnamon Toast Crunch at any age…”

Corey spends a big chunk of his week preparing for the next big haul and uses one of his garages to store all of his goodies.

Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman you are an inspiration, thank you for accepting Ladyparts into your home and showing us your place!